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As you can see by clicking on the buttons just above, the dedication to detail, and the quality of the work by our dedicated team. Also you can see the hidden dangers we have gathered to show you,on the next page, when things go unnoticed and are unsafe. These are examples of a mixture of wear and tear, and bad workmanship.




Notifiable electrical work:
The Building Regulations set out overall criteria and requirements to ensure electrical safety in and around dwellings. Approved Document P provides further practical guidance for undertaking this type of work. You should bear in mind that
any electrical work you carry out within your home, garden, garage shed and other storage buildings may need to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations. These works are called notifiable work.
Very common examples of notifiable work are; rewiring a property, providing electricity to a garage or outhouse, the replacement of the main fuse box in a house or any electrical work in a kitchen, shower room or bathroom.
Non-notifiable work

The Building Regulations allow certain works (known as non-notifiable or minor work) to be carried out without having to notify building control or using a registered electrician. Such work includes:
Replacing any electrical fitting (for example, socket outlets, light fittings, control switches)

Minor electrical work can also present a risk to safety. If qualified electricians carry out the work they should give you a Minor Works Certificate which means that they have tested to work to make sure it is safe. If you do the work yourself you may wish to engage a qualified electrician to check it for you.

Find a registered electrician online  who is on the register of electricians belonging to the various  Competent Person Schemes

In relation to electrical safety this means that an electrician who is registered by an organisation authorised by the Secretary of State and is able to certify the work carried out is safe, without you having to notify Building Control. Once works are complete the electrician will arrange for you to receive a building regulations compliance certificate within 30 days of the completion of the work. Your local authority will then also be notified about the work for their records.

The competent person should also provide you with a completed Electrical Installation Certificate which shows that the work was tested for safety. See top of next page….


This Distribution Board change went from the above “Rats Nest”.

To  this…..shown above

To this finished installation which is neat and tidy, and safe.